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I thought this was the way it should be. If you are pregnant: The G-spot area is normally about the size of a walnut and located cm into the vagina, towards her stomach. Much more soft, or fluffy as I use to say? Multipla orgasmer Faktum är att 80 procent av alla kvinnor har fått orgasm vid mer en ett tillfälle under en session av sexy time. Then you hold still at that spot and firmly press against the walls of the vagina.

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Blandad orgasm Att stimulera klittan och vaginan samtidigt sätter igång mer i hjärnan — vilket leder till mer njutning.

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You can also massage the breasts to release the oxytocin called the love and bonding hormone, you want as much of this in your body as possible in the body that help her relax and get more receptive and open. The cervix is super sensitive so be prepared. Her vagina becomes softer, much more delicious and that may lead to a more satisfying sexual experiences for both of you. I could feel friction in the entrance of my vagina, and I could experience some pain in the deep parts but other than that, all my sensitivity was in my clitoris and I was only able to have clitoral orgasms. You press firm but not to hard on the walls of the vagina. Oil will clog the mucous membrane, which may cause bacterial and fungal infections by disturbing the PH balance in the vagina.

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